GreenDez — disinfectant approved by specialized scientific institutes of Rospotrebnadzor

"GreenDez" disinfectant is a stabilized chlorine dioxide water solution (ClO2) actively used for disinfection in medical institutions. Can be applied:

for various public organizations disinfection;
for the medical indoor and transport disinfection;
for sports facilities disinfection;
for the disinfection of public services organizations and more.


— GreenDez is the strongest oxidizing agent with a wide antimicrobial spectrum. It does not emit active chlorine into the atmosphere, and its active substance is active oxygen.
— Download GreenDez certificate of registration RU. 678.08.20 от 26.08.2020
— Download declaration of conformity.
— Download instruction for GreenDez.
— Download GreenDez PDF guide.
Eco friendly: decomposes into harmless components in less than an hour
100% air and surface effectiveness
Minimum exposure time from 30 to 60 minutes
Safe and environmentally friendly
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About Ecocompania
Ecological company LLC unites a professional team in the field of development of disinfectants. The company's products are actively used for disinfection in medical institutions and not only.
ASKM Company
Specializes in the production of innovative
equipment for air and surface disinfection.

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